Cayra 0.9.5

Make your work easier with concept maps


  • Nice design
  • Maps include colors and cool animation effects
  • You can save maps as images


  • It may feel a bit too simple

Very good

Conceptual maps or mindmaps are a great way to organize ideas and improve workflow when you're involved in a complex task or a team project.

With Cayra you can now create those concept maps in a very clear, well-structured way. Unlike other expensive mindmapping utilities, Cayra is an open-source tool that won't cost you a cent: on the downside, this means that it's not as complete as other similar apps. Nevertheless, the program includes all the tools and functions you need to create conceptual maps with nodes, links and categories, all with different colors and very attractive animation effects.

Maps can be saved in the program's proprietary format, which you can then open and browse with Cayra itself, or as images (JPG and BMP) which you can open with any third-party image viewer.

In spite of being a little basic when compared to other more complete mindmapping tools, Cayra is still a great tool to create your own conceptual maps and improve your work organization and productivity.

Cayra is a free desktop application that lets you represent tasks, ideas, concepts and other items in a graphic, well-structured way. Cayra is based on such visualization techniques, as Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping and allows you to conveniently work with big maps.

You can use Cayra for:

  • Studies
  • Brainstorming
  • Project and people management
  • Planning and organizing
  • Creativity
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Time management



Cayra 0.9.5

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